Open source code
May 5, 2021

Paper with code in optics

Collection of reproducible open-source code published in the optics (imaging, display) community.

This project is hosted at Github.

Phase imaging, Wave front sensing

Year Paper Author Language Link Note
2020 Quantitative Phase and Intensity Microscopy Using Snapshot White Light Wavefront Sensing Congli Wang Matlab, CUDA Github  
2018 Misalignment Correction of Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy Ao Zhou Matlab Github  
2017 Megapixel Adaptive Optics Congli Wang Matlab, CUDA Github  


Year Paper Author Language Link Note
2021 Model-based Deep 3D holographic imaging Ni Chen Matlab, Tensorflow + Keras Github  
2019 Kramers–Kronig holographic imaging for high-space-bandwidth product YoonSeok Baek Matlab figshare  
2019 Sectional hologram reconstruction through complex deconvolution Ni Chen Matlab Github  
2011 Sampling and processing for compressive holography [Invited] Sehoon Lim Matlab OSA  

Scattering imaging

Year Paper Author Language Link Note
2020 Non-invasive single-shot recovery of a point-spread function of a memory effect based scattering imaging system Tengfei Wu Matlab figshare  
2016 Single-shot diffraction-limited imaging through scattering layers via bispectrum analysis Tengfei Wu Matlab figshare